Authentication process

At Brand Base & Co, you don’t have to worry about authenticating the item because we do it for you.

Condition Inspect

At Brand Base we take into consideration many aspects; such as the condition of the luxury item. In order to make sure that the item is compatible with the discerption and there isn’t any hidden aspect. In case we find that the description of the item is not matching the real condition, we will inform the customer and if the customer is not satisfied the item will not be delivered to the customer and a refund will be made 100%.

Authentication Inspect

At Brand Base we take each item to inspection before delivering it to the customer. We inspect the documents and we check for any kind of modification that may be done to the item. To insure that the luxury item is 100% authentic. Once we have made sure of every single detail, then the item will be ready to be delivered.

We Want to Build a Community

At Brand Base we want to build a community for buying and selling authentic luxury items with ease and comfort. Our 3% commission is to encourage sellers to trade in their pre loved items. 
Remember to sell with elegance, buy with confidence.